Cherry Valley Females
Denali is a Standard BET (Blue Eyed Tri) Australian Shepherd. Super sweet girl who is full of fun. She will be Paired with Tyson for future babies in 2022.

Chevy is a black tri BET (Blue eyed tri) She is full sister to Denali. Chevy is a fun girl and loves attention. 

Meet Miss Wiggles, she got her name from her wiggly lil Aussie booty. She is so sweet and adorable. She is also a Miniature Australian Shepherd.
Our girls are chosen with great thought and planning. With breeding Australian shepherds and Aussiedoodles we usually breed for both personality, coat, color and health. These are not working bred Aussies but not saying it can not be done. Our females come from health tested and healthy parents. We have started keeping a couple puppies back for our 2nd generation in Aussiedoodles. 
Denali's Sire
Denali's Dam
Chevy's Dam
Chevy's Sire
Chanel is a gorgeous Apricot Parti Standard poodle. Plans are to in the future cross Chanel with out handsome Phantom merle poodle Tyson. Normally we would not like to cross the light/apricot/yellow with merle colors, after seeing the colors both of the poodles carry we shoould be in the right direction. Chanel is genetically a Phantom/tan pointed carrier. Tyson does NOT Carry yellow so we will not get any hidden merles with yellow.