Cherry Valley Doodles

                                    We are a family of 6 on 10 acers. We have been involved with breeding for almost 20 years. I started of the first 10 years in breeding Chihuahuas, which turned out I had become allergic to the dander of the sweet babies. I decided I couldn't keep going with how bad it made me feel. Long story short we took a break from breeding them. 
  We had decided to get our family and Australian Shepherd as it was a breed I had grown up with.  
​                              She "Maggie" was the best decision                                We ever made. Not that she is JUST the                              best dog ever, but she had helped us                                  with the decision to Start with our                                      beloved Aussiedoodles. Our sweet neighbors had a AKC Standard poodle that made this decision easy. Along with know how great these doodles would be to help other families with Allergies or wanting less shedding. We are now going on 10 years of breeding our Doodle breeds. I hope you get to enjoy everything we get to enjoy with our very special babies.